Wednesday, November 2, 2011


*I never thought this day would come.

*After two and a half years of constant pain, I thought it was my destiny to just have to live with it and thru it.

*I had all but given up hope!

...then Dr. M came into my life and gave me that caudal injection and life has completely turned around.

Since that injection, I have weaned myself completely off any pain medication. Such a great feeling not to have to sleep all day (granted I slept a lot better then than now, but I'd rather not sleep and not be taking the meds). Tomorrow will be two weeks post-injection and I feel like a completely new person! I can walk, I can sit, I can stand, I can lay....I still have some pain if I'm driving and still have the numbness/pins&needles in my right thigh but I've learned to work around the latter of the two. Starting nerve meds should help, too. Passage of time should be the best cure for the thigh, as the nerves regenerate (hopefully).

I'm really focusing on getting out and walking to build up my strength and endurance. Yesterday, I walked over 4400 steps during the two walks, in which I added two and four blocks to my walks. Today, I walked 8,730 steps in my two walks!!! I was ecstatic when I saw that (loving the pedometer I got thru work). I walked around the path in the next complex and didn't want to stop. 60+ degrees, gorgeous leaves falling from the trees covering the path, and just the ability to move freely and pain free...I didn't want to stop!!

Everyday seems to be getting less painful, which I've noticed has DRASTICALLY changed my mood! I'm more positive that there will be an end to the pain. I'm excited to get outside and walk. I'm excited to see how far I can go. And I will keep pressing on until this whole nightmare is over!

*Positive thinking is powerful!

*Just gotta BELIEVE!!! and these days, I truly BELIEVE I'm going to see the other side of this ordeal!

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