Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Moving on....

Now that I feel I've got a plan for the hip, as I started massage therapy yesterday, it's time to move on! I'm hoping the massage gets the muscles working again and lessens the pain. That way, I can use acupuncture for something more beneficial...at least to my future plans ;)

Instead of having a normal session today, I had my fertility acupuncture intake meeting. T. asked all kinds of questions about everything under the sun - I trust he knows the information that he needs to come up with the best plan for me that's possible.

My lifelong dream is to be a mommy and I'm hoping and praying that getting healthier and adding acupuncture in the months before I begin my journey will be the ticket. Though, now that I think about it, with tonight's appointment, my second journey begins now. I ordered a Rx that T. submitted when I got home. Precious Sea is the herb. The goal is to regulate my cycles, which are 40+ days.

Here's to the beginning of Journey 2...may it be the complete opposite of Journey 1.

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