Monday, April 6, 2009

April 2009 already?

Wow, so it's been many many months since I've posted last...since November to be exact! I never know what to post...I never think I have anything interesting so I don't. Then, time gets away from me and it's April before I know it!

Yesterday, I played softball outside in shorts and a t-shirt...68 degrees.
Today, it's raining and snowing...34 degrees.
This, my friends, does NOT make for a good April!

However, I'm positive great things are going to become of this month...
*the current school session will end! F.I.N.A.L.L.Y.! Intermediate Accounting II and Fed Tax I have not been the greatest to take together for 15 long, drawn out weeks!
*softball is starting...another summer full of 4 teams of fun! Have had a couple practices and it appears losing so much weight has done wonders for the ol' hitting! who'da'thunk?!
*a new baby nephew will be born rather soon! I absolutely cannot wait!!!

....and then it's back to school...but mixed with softball it's got to be better than this winter term has been! Hopefully the sun will come out...tomorrow...whew, sometimes I just break out into song! (I think I get this honestly, right Mom?)

Ok, well enough of me blogging for now. There is a "not-so-fun Int. Acct II" test in my near tomorrow! Blah! Any takers?? :)


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