Monday, December 20, 2010

Quick Update

Injection #3 is complete. Still no relief but I really didn't expect any. It did hurt quite a bit after it was over - each has progressively gotten worse.

I asked if I needed to continue w/ the 2bananas/1gram of calcium a day because it hasn't helped in the first 11 days...and he said yes, I needed to finish the final 4 days. However, I did find out what he was ruling out......he was ruling out the leg fatigue/weakness being from the injections. Which because there has been no relief, that was indeed ruled out. What does this mean? It means the cause of the leg issue is from the original reason I needed surgery to begin with...not good news. Confirmation that surgery is needed....frustrating because I can't have it.

Made a claim to the Office of the Inspector General against the insurance company. Not sure that it will do anything but I did it at the request of my dr. Guess now I'm supposed to write the insurance company. Again, not sure it's going to do anything but at least it's something.

Jan 3 is the next appt to follow up on the injections and see where to go from here.

...and again, the waiting begins.

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