Monday, January 3, 2011

Follow up...Let down...

Went to see Dr. R for my followup after the latest round of injections. Well, not much to report, let alone anything good. His assistant came in and got all the latest info and did the typical tests (reflexes, push/pull, bend forward/backward) and talked about the spreadsheet I created of pain/symptoms since Nov 10. Clearly everything is getting worse and the injections didn't do anything...which my first round didn't either last year so I didnt have the most hope!

By the time she was done, I already knew I wasn't liking how things were going. Basically, the plan for the next month is manage pain w/ being in pain constantly isnt' good for the body...and come back in a month. UGH!

Dr. R came in and, as always, said there are many people fighting for me, and all the others in my situation. Also suggested I needed to send letters to the senator and govenor and all those kinda people...get the word out about how insurance companies are denying these surgeries that need done. Also confirmed to take the medicine and come back in a month.

What will happen on Feb 2nd when I go back? I have no idea! I don't know if there are any other options. . .if there are, they have never been mentioned. Maybe after that, he will be done w/ me as well. I just dont know. No matter what happens, I was left with nothing today. An option that I despise, as I've been taking them since September 2009!!!! I HATE taking them. Which, now that I've started school, it makes it hard to study and learn new material while experiencing the affects of a narcotic. So, I will continue on as I have been for months and months....because really, what other choice do I have?

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